So many of you know that I do body painting, you’ve seen me on Skin Wars, on Netflix or on my page or YouTube channel. Thank you so much for watching.

I’d like to address something though, about my transformational body painting. Here’s the thing, I’ve had this question come up and I really want to address it and it’s “Is it what I do is therapy?” The answer is No. It is not therapy, it is therapeutic.

The reason that I say that is because there’s lots of a thing in our lives that we do that is therapeutic. Like for example, we’ll go to a concert where we will listen to music right? You’re really upset so you go in the car and you pick the station that you have programmed in the Pandora that you’re metal head then you know like rocking out.

Right? That’s therapeutic.

It allows you to scream to get stuff out and it’s great. It is not therapy, it is therapeutic. The same with doing artwork, when we paint, we kind of get into the zone and it changes our brain and we’re painting and we’re doing these things and we’re like “oh yeah, this is great!” but it is not therapy, it’s therapeutic. So similarly when I do a body painting, I may be playing music in the background.

You and I may be talking about life in the universe and everything while things are going on and I’m encouraging you to use positive self-speak while I’m painting with you but I am not doing therapy with you I am painting you and that act is therapeutic. You know, I’m not directing you to do something specific it’s just the simple act of the process that has a therapeutic effect. And so this is what I wanted to let you know that transformational body painting is about creating a loving space where it is different than the outside world, where we have all that judgment and all that kind of stuff in our head. And we get to listen to music, whatever you want and we get to paint and create something that’s beautiful and you get to have this incredible transformational experience but that is because of the environment happens on the inside of you which is why it is therapeutic.

Thank you so much for listening. I hope this clarifies this question for you. Have an incredible day. My name is Mythica. They call me The Neon Buddha. Glow from within.