So I have a question for you, how many of you would beat a child? I mean seriously like just take one and backhand them for speaking up or for doing something.

Most of us the answer would be like “God, no. I’d never do that.” What I want you to understand is that’s what you have been doing to your inner child. I mean we don’t think of it all the time and we’re just like “Oh I just wish the voice in my head would just stop with the na na na na” right? So every time you kind of make that backhanded comment “Why did you do that?” “God, that was so stupid what were you thinking?” You kind of realize that that was your inner child that you would be doing that too.

When we’re small children, we were learning how to walk right? What is it we do for those kids that are learning how to walk? They fall down and we go like “that’s like the twenty-seventh time you fell down today, what is wrong with you?” We don’t do that, no, you back up. You stand on the other side of the room and you go “Come on, you can do it. Come on, just a little bit” “You learned and you almost got right that time!” “Just get back up again, I’m right here for you. Come on, you got this. You can do this” right? That’s what we need to be doing for ourselves. We should be our own best cheerleader. We should be our own best person that encourages and nurtures that part of us that does get it wrong, that makes mistakes and all those sorts of things and being like “Nope. You did get something out of that, you learn from that” “I believe in you” look in the mirror and be like ”Dude, I know it’s been a rough day but you got this. I believe in you” because out of everyone that we have in our lives, the person who is always going to be there for us is the person on the other side of the mirror, always. So you’ve got to be your own best coach and your own best friend and that’s how you’re going to build your self-esteem, by drowning out all those negative voices that have built up over the years. This is the way that we can rebuild our self-worth, our self-image, our self-esteem.

Hopefully, you’ve found some of these encouraging for you today and you know if you have a problem saying that for yourself, borrow me for a little while. I believe in you. I wouldn’t be doing this video if I didn’t believe in you and if I didn’t think you could do it and I didn’t think that you could get through it because I know you can because I did. Which means if I can come back from being homeless and destitute and thirty puffs away from my inhaler and dying from the next cold, you can do this too. I believe in you. Just borrow my words for a little while but try to be your own best friend, try to be your best cheerleader. I know you got this.

My name is Mythica and they call me The Neon Buddha, glow from within.